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Round Pixel is a digital creative agency.

We build web sites & applications that drive leads and sales.

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Our Services

Building businesses, brands & products (for clients both big and small).

Web and Application Design

Web/App Design + Build

From design to development, our team has proven hundreds of times we deliver results on time & on budget.

eCommerce Design and Build

eCommerce Design + Build

Our commerce team is fluent with Magento, Shopify & Big Commerce (heck we even operate a few of our own).

Web Site Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

We are experts at turning one of the most underrated web statistics into a huge difference maker for your business.

Our Philosophy

Websites shouldn’t be another line on your endless business "to do" list. Instead, websites should be a tool for growing your business. We believe that great sites don’t have to take years of development and your entire annual profit to build. Keep it simple, make it friendly (like us), and start driving leads and sales.

Who We've Helped

Our clients are like people, they come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and technical abilities. Contact us to see work samples.

University of Cincinnati
Viva Bella Events
Brand Experience
Cincinnati Zoo

We trust Round Pixel Studio to help us take big ideas and turn them into useable, brand-specific executions in a digital format. They respond quickly, and understand our needs (sometimes better than we do).

Andrew Peters
(Chief Storyteller)

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About Round Pixel Studio

Established in 2005, we are located in the heart of the East End of Cincinnati. We design and build applications for mobile, web and desktop. At the core of our services you’ll find usability design paired with state of the art technology and a passion for implementing projects that have a true impact on the bottom line.

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